management team

The highly qualified and experienced directors are leading Siddarth Group ahead of its competitors. It is surging ahead creating new benchmarks in the industry. Motivation, dedication and professionalism of the directors are working as the catalyst behind the rapid growth of the group. The directors are committed to lead the company with newer promises and commitments in the days ahead.

'Sandeep Kukkar' –Mr. 'Sandeep kukkar' is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director of Siddarth group a leading garments export house in India. Guided by his rich experience and insighful vision, the group is constantly progressing to new dimensions of globalization.

'Sandeep kukkar' has led Siddarth group to great success with the market. The group is leading Garments manufacture & exporter in India.

'Sandeep Kukkar' is the visionary and the driving force behind the Siddarth Group's phenomenal growth and success. He has led the Group, with a strong philosophy that promotes a dynamic culture of entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, the Group has evolved over three decades to emerge as the region's leading garments exporter.

Kukkar' personifies Siddarth GROUP' commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality. Through his experience in a variety of operating roles, he has built a reputation in the garments industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow new business offerings and nurture long-term relationships..

Under his guidance and mentorship, the company has refined its corporate sustainability program to focus on environment and wellness. Mr .Kukkar' deeply passionate and committed to social causes, he believes that every organization has a responsibility to give back to society.

Mrs. Sangeeta Kukkar' is the Chairman and Managing Director of Siddarth group. She has been the strength behind Siddarth group vision & progress since inception. She has been instrumental in conceiving the projects and their expansion, selecting technology and arranging for necessary resources including project finance. Mrs. Kukkar' believes in hands-on philosophy and is actively involved in the operations of the businesses of the Group.

Sangeeta Kukkar' spearheads the Siddarth Group's growth strategy along with her visionary husband 'Sandeep Kukkar'. She is instrumental in the launch and success of high - street fashion and led the Group's foray into the fashion and style era. She also strategically drives the India business and is the guiding force behind Siddarth Group's CSR initiatives.