our policies

Being a socially responsible company , Siddarth Organisation limited is committed to ethical business practice and maintains healthy and safe working environment . to endore this philosophy, the company adopted the following policies.

Siddath Organisation Limited employee only "Adult" personnel . as per Indian constitution , the definition of "Adult" is a person who is 18 (Eighteen) years of age and above . With this policy in place, the company complies with all rules and regulations regarding child labour. Siddath Organisation Limited maintain official documentation for every worker that verifies the workers date of birth . Siddarth Organisation Limited encourages its vendors / suppliers to comply with same philosophy .

Siddarth Organisation Limited complies with national and state level " minimum wages act " (MWA) which stipulates the minimum compensation and benefits to be given to an employee for regular hours of work,including the overtime compensation.Siddarth Organisation Limited extends this policy to the industrial trainees also. Company makes every employee understand his/her remuneration before employment.

The regular working hours and the overtime of the company is in accordance with the MWA of the country. Siddarth Oraganisation limited maintains 48 hours per week as regular working hours and including overtime , it does not exceed 60 hours per week as a regular practice . the payment of the overtime , if any , is also as per the MWA. We observe one day off in 7 (seven)days.